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About the MAGIC of camp programs TERRA MYTHICA Resort offers...

For: teachers, foundations, private schools, clubs, public institutions, sports associations, travel agencies, multinational corporations etc.


Do you have a certain type of camp in mind but cannot find it? Something out of the ordinary, that would meet the needs of your organization or foundation, such as camp programs for children with medical problems and not only (cancer, hemophilia, dyslexia, social disabilities etc)? Or perhaps you are thinking of camp programs with a certain theme such as dance, healthy lifestyle, environmental awareness, weight-loss programs, photography, manners and etiquette, glass painting or certain types of athletic training.

Please contact us and, TOGETHER, we will come up with a camp program that can meet your expectations, within you budget.

You can count on our flexibility in customizing a camp program to your needs. We can't wait to hear your suggestions at: or at: 0745-075-057.


Terra Mythica Resort is THE ONLY PRIVATE LOCATION ACCREDITED BY THE MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORT for student camp programs in the County of Alba, according to the ANST website - Camp programs section - private initiatives.

ACCREDITATION is based on: safe premises, easy access to medical assistance, lodging and meals conditions, camp schedule, as well as staff training (professional camp counselors).

Happy Faces Camp Offers

ENGLISH LANGUAGE camp with native-speaking and international instructors
TRAVEL & FUN camp (fun games and activities)


This is a special camp program that gives children and teenagers the opportunity to learn English from native speakers and to meet young camp counselors from all over the world.

We had guests from 5 continents: ASIA, AUSTRALIA, NORTH AMERICA, AFRICA, EUROPE (UK, Spain, Denmark, France etc).!

Each international counselor will be an ambassador of the charm and uniqueness of their country of origin, and will share with you traditions, dance routines, games or songs that are most representative of their country.

Modeled on American camp programs, this camp not only helps kids learn English in a fun environment, it also encourages them to learn social skills, self-confidence and civic awareness and responsibility. Its activities and workshops are designed to send a positive message: that we are part of a community and that change starts with each one of us.


2. Happy Faces Camp - TRAVEL & FUN


This program includes a 12-hour daily activity schedule: treasure hunting, masquerade, jewelry and artisanal objects workshops, arts & crafts, painting, outdoor team games, contests, archery, boating, swimming, basketball, foosball, hiking, theater, dance, karaoke, talent shows.

Bus trips to the AVENTURA PARK and all the tourist attractions in the city of Alba Iulia (the Fortress, Route of the Three Forts, changing of the guard ceremony, the Museum of National History and the National Union Hall) are included.

The multitude of sports activities, games (team games, brain games, strategy games), creative activities (music, dance, art), trips and hiking adventures we will embark on together guarantee you'll have the summer vacation of your dreams!


3. Happy Faces Camp - FASHION DESIGN


Over the course of 6 days, this program focuses on workshops inspired by the activities of professional fashion designers. But let's not forget the fun: young designers benefit from a 12-hour daily activity schedule with Romanian and international staff and included trips to the Aventura Park and Alba Iulia.

Young designers may choose to study: FASHION DESIGN ; GARMENT TYPES (we create new materials by using various techniques: painting, application etc); MAKE YOUR OWN FASHION COLLECTION (study, sketches, portfolio), FASHION SHOW; MAKEUP AND PHOTO SESSION; JEWELRY DESIGN (using beads, pearls, sequins, eco materials etc), PINS, BRACELETS, ACCESSORIES; T-SHIRT DESIGN (various techniques, including tie-dye); BAG DESIGN ; SCARF DESIGN; DESIGNER BOUTIQUE: every designer will create their own display of clothing and accessories for sale.


4. Happy Faces Camp - SPORTS


This program aims to give kids and young adults (elite athletes and beginners alike) the opportunity to develop their athletic abilities, make friends, have fun and taste new sensations., Physical fitness and perpetual smiles guaranteed!

Some of the activities we offer: team competitions, boating, outdoor and indoor games, theater, dance, karaoke, outdoor movie theater, hiking, photo hunt, treasure hunting, water games, video projects, creative writing, arts & crafts, mask making, bonfire, barbeque, with the combined efforts of Romanian and international staff.

It includes bus trips to Alba Iulia to visit tourist attractions and the changing of the guard ceremony + fun and thrill rides at AVENTURA Park!

Basketball & Football, Trips & Hiking, Athletic Activities, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Fitness & Dance ,Karate & Judo, Archery, Ultimate Frisbee, Suspended Trails (Adventure Park), Mountain Bike, Climbing Wall, Fishing, Golf and Horseback Riding (optional).


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